Musings of a Canadian Slacker

Thursday, April 24, 2003
Lately, I've been out of sorts...just getting angry over everything and nothing. I've picked fights with people in cyberspace, while being nice to people that I'd like to wail on in the RealWorld. Sort of a 'despite all my rage, I'm still trapped like a rat in cage' thing. (Apologies to the Smashing Pumpkins) Ah well, life goes its own dysfunctional way.

Funny to see the reactions of Americans to the Shi'ite demonstrations at Karbala. "They're so ungrateful to us!" seems to be the prevailing feeling. But there's two things about is that the Americans encouraged them to rise in 1991, then left them to the tender mercies of Mr. Hussein. The other aspect is that they have received a lot of their doctrine and training from the more rabid elements of the Iranian government...which would not teach them to love America, no matter what America did. Just a thought...