Musings of a Canadian Slacker

Friday, August 15, 2003
So, the great blackout of 2003. It was kind of an odd experience. (I was tempted to post some lousy pictures that I took another time that turned out black, but I respect YOU, the faithful readers, more than that. All 2 of you.) The power went off while I was still at work, seemed like your normal power cut that we get there on occasion. I kept working, since I was using hand tools anyways..and I was near enough to the door to have light. The cut went down about 20 minutes before quitting time anyways. On the way home, I'm listening to the radio and am clued in before I get to the first traffic light. Some of the main intersections were a bit tricky to navigate with the faithful Funk-Cycle, but I got home alright. We barbequed dinner and ate it under some really bright stars, that are normally obscured by the city lights. Got up this morning, power was still out. No big deal for me, but my roommate was worried sick about the thousands of dollars worth of meat that they have in the freezers. My roommate, you understand, is some kind of weird compulsive meat buyer. Everytime she comes home from CostCo we expect her to have a half of beef, or something. But the freezers were sufficiently packed, and we kept the doors closed, so that they were still good when the juice came back on at 2pm. Watching things carefully, though. Rolling blackouts are still possible, so we have about a tonne of ice in the various freezers for that eventuality. Which we bought in Quebec, whose power never even flickered.
That was the great blackout experience here at Casa de Funk.