Musings of a Canadian Slacker

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Election Notes

A few of the Red Ensign bloggers will be covering the current federal election by focussing on their individual ridings. I live in Ottawa Centre, but unfortunately, a better blogger than I already called Ottawa Centre. So I'll be doing Ottawa South. The three main parties have all nominated candidates for the election: the Liberals have put up their incumbent: David McGuinty, who is the brother of the Premier of Ontario. This was his first term as a Member of Parliament. The Conservatives came up with something of a dark horse, Allan Cutler, who is probably best known as a whistleblower in the Adscam scandal. It could make it an interesting campaign. The NDP have put up Monia Mazigh as their candidate once again. Ms. Mazigh first came to prominence agitating for her husband's release from Syrian imprisonment. I was of the opinion that someone as devoutly Muslim as she evidently is would be uncomfortable in the NDP, but she seems to be comfortable in the party.

Its going to be an interesting race. Let the best candidate win. And hopefully, we'll see them update their websites someday....


The NDP has nominated Henri Sader for Ottawa South, not Monia Mazigh. Someone had told me Monia, and I hadn't bothered to check it for myself. Oops! I'll have more on Sader when I've had a chance to research him a little.